Pilates Haven cork, Anne-Marie Horgan

Pilates trainer & movement analyst in Cork since 2001

Pilates is a skill-based form of mind-body movement, whose principles can serve you extremely well in daily life, and in any form of exercise or sport. It helps maintain your spine and body in good health and shape, makes you more agile, free of tension, and happier physically and mentally.

Anne-Marie Horgan teaches pilates in a manner to inform and empower you the practitioner about how to move safely and use your body efficiently. She teaches spacial awareness of the spine and joints of the body, and how to use and feel compehensive muscular support for these, and for smooth, effective and mindful exercise.

Pilates Haven Cork

Anne-Marie Horgan has been teaching Pilates in Cork since 2001. She has trained to advanced level with two renowned companies of pilates, most notably STOTT pilates, that referring to an internationally acclaimed approach, respected by doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, and health and movement specialists worldwide, and requiring regular retraining and certification. She has many years of experience and training, not only in pilates, but in various forms of healthy movement, study of movement, yoga relaxation and meditation.

With the advice and attention of a highly qualified, experienced instructor such as Anne-Marie, you can work at a pace that suits you, work deeply and carefully, and the results will quickly be yours.

Pilates Haven Offers:

  • An extensive schedule of evening beginner, intermediate & advanced group pilates classes – please see ‘Class schedule’ to see current schedule, booking details, and brief overview of each level.
  • Private sessions – please e-mail to inquire.
  • For pre and post-pregnancy clients – please see ‘pilates & pregnancy’ for more information on benefits and suitable classes.
  • Relaxation, Meditation & Gentle Movement Classes.
  • Master-class workshops for existing pilates instructors – e-mail for details.