A happy farewell.

I am planning to travel the world with my skills for new adventure, business and life experience in the new year.  There will be one final set of courses starting during the week of November 5th, for existing clients only.  Please e-mail me to inquire.

Thank you for your interest in me and my work.  I so very grateful to my clients for almost seventeen wonderful years and of sharing my pilates and movement analysis skills with you.

Warmest regards,




If you have any questions, please contact Anne-Marie at info@pilateshaven.ie.


This set of group courses are now underway so no more bookings are possible until the next set of courses are ready for booking.


MONDAYS: September 17th – October 22nd.

TUESDAYS: September 18th – October 23rd

WEDNESDAYS: September 19th – October 24th

COST: 110e


5:30pm ADV
6:30pm ADV BEG-INT L1*
7:45pm BEG 8PM – INT L2 ADV

BEG: Beginner level / INT L1 or L2:  Intermediate levels / ADV: Advanced level.  Please see descriptions of levels and what to expect below.

* The Wednesday evening 6:30pm beginner – intermediate level 1 course is not suitable for pure beginners to pilates, but for clients with some experience, a good beginner level grasp of the principes of pilates in particular, and ready to move forward with a beginner – intermediate level practice.

Course duration: 6 classes, 55 minutes each / Max. number of clients per course: 8-12 / 5 clients minimum needed for a course to go ahead / Age range: 18+ / Not suitable if pregnant / All equipment provided / Please provide Anne-Marie with any injury and health information upon booking.



Please see more booking details below.

Pilates & Course Details. Booking Conditions

  • NB: Please provide details of any injuries / health conditions, or confirmation of none of these.  For your safety and progress, Anne-Marie cannot book you in without such details.
  • Cost: 110 euro for a six week course.  Payable in advance of the course.  Pay-as-you-go classes are not available.  Deposit required to secure your booking prior to course commencement (Anne-Marie will send you details by e-mail upon booking).
  • Please note that no part of the course fee is transferable to another course nor is refundable once the course begins, so please be sure of your booking.
  • Please know that these classes are not suitable for pregnant ladies.
  • If you wish to join Intermediate / advanced level – If you wish to book at these levels and have not yet trained with Anne-Marie, please please read the description of the levels below, and most importantly, please confirm with Anne-Marie that you understand the principles of pilates in theory and in practice, as she has explained below.  Also, please let Anne-Marie know you pilates experience to date, plus how long, how often and how recent.
  • What happens if you miss a class? – Please scroll down to see details below.

What to expect/ levels:

Beginner Level:

Includes a detailed introduction to the essentials of the technique, the principles of pilates – see below – and good posture, and series of beginner movements to complement these at a necessary level. These movements are taught slowly, and in detail, but you will nevertheless feel the muscle action deeply, and become aware of the benefits. Each beginner course is taught by Anne-Marie with different exercises, so no two consecutive courses are exactly alike. She advises to do two beginner courses in order to achieve a solid understanding of the principles of good posture, in theory and in practice, and also build your bank of movements. This is a great way to prepare for intermediate level. (people often choose to do more than two beginner courses, that is up to you – it is the most important level). Small equipment is sometimes used to assist learning, e.g. Stott Pilates stability cushions, fit-circles, flex-bands.

Principles of Pilates:

You will gain an understanding of the support muscles of the body and learn how to use these to support and stabilize the spine in particular, and joints of the body. You will learn how to use the deep pelvic floor, deep and outer abdominals, and the muscles of the pelvis to support and correct posture and muscle imbalance. You will gain an understanding of the breath pattern, and also correct shoulder girdle placement, neck and head. Core strengthening is included, plus all over body strengthening and toning, which is developed further at the later levels along with these details. This is the main focus of the pilates training that is given by Anne-Marie at beginner level. At the end of the course, you will have a bank of essential floor-based movements to apply these principles of good posture and muscle-balance development to.

Intermediate Levels:

If you have done Pilates before, and feel that you have a sound understanding of the basic principles of pilates, then intermediate level is an option for you. Anne-Marie ensures that clients at intermediate level already have a sound understanding of these principles, and of where they will continue from and what the focus will be in order to progress safely and enjoy the course. Clients at intermediate level also begin at intermediate with a bank of beginner exercises.

What happens if you miss a class?

Currently for Pilates clients only: The following is a description of how Anne-Marie does her best to help her clients make up classes missed: Please be aware that if you miss a class, Anne-Marie cannot give a guarantee regarding offering you an alternate class, but she does her very best to help you do so with what is available to her to offer. There are twelve people maximum per class. If someone else cancels, and Anne-Marie is notified beforehand, then she can offer that place to someone who has missed a class. So if you miss a class, Anne-Marie will do her best to help you make up a class at your level (or at a lower level) within the same six week course period of that missed, but it may not run consecutively with that missed, e.g. class no.3 / class no.4. It is a good opportunity to catch up regardless, and also learn new things. This arrangement also depends on your schedule and flexibility, as you may be offered a class on a different day and/or time, and at short notice. If you miss more than two classes on a course, it is much more unlikely that Anne-Marie can help you make these up. Please notify Anne-Marie with minimum 24 hours notice if you will miss a class so that she can offer your place to someone else, and so that this system can run as effectively as possible. Please be aware that Anne-Marie can only offer you an alternative class should another option exist at your level or lower on a different day of the week during the timespan of your course. This is often the case but not always.