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Marie Horgan Pilates Haven

Anne-Marie began her career in 2001 as a health and fitness trainer, and personal        trainer    in Cork.  Anne-Marie trained to advanced level with not one but two    renowned companies of Pilates, The Progressive Pilates School in Dublin, and most  extensively with STOTT Pilates in the UK and Ireland.  She began teaching Pilates in  2001, set up her business in teaching Pilates exclusively in 2003. She has operated  from her studio, Pilates Haven, since 2005.


Anne-Marie is a STOTT Pilates trainer, that referring to an approach to the technique which is particularly focused toward stress-free movement and the longevity of the spine and joints of the body, backed up by physiotherapists, osteopaths, doctors, and health and movement specialists worldwide. She has continued her own training with STOTT Pilates since 2004, in the UK and Ireland. Previous to this she trained with The Progressive Pilates School in Dublin.

Anne-Marie became a teacher of Hatha yoga with the Yoga Therapy & Training Centre, Co. Down, in 2005.   She trained with the school of Sivananda yoga in the Himalayas in 2009 as a Sivananda yoga practitioner and teacher.  She has since spent time in meditation and yoga retreats worldwide.  Anne-Marie uses all her learning to-date to benefit her ongoing focus on body posture and movement analysis, and in Pilates in particular.  At the moment, she offers Pilates exclusively, but inevitably, her fuller education plus experience to-date has developed her own understanding and professional approach, and also the benefits for her clients.

Anne-Marie enjoys continued learning, and broadening her mind to all sorts of disciplines in health and movement, in order to progress as a practitioner and as a teacher. With this in mind, Anne-Marie has also trained in sports massage therapy, nutrition and energy techniques.

Anne-Marie is a lady who for many years has held a deep interest in a healthy balance of living, and moving. She practices what she preaches, and has a strong personal quest to, as she puts it, ‘feel young when you’re old’, and convey her knowledge to others professionally, helping them do the same.

Pilates intructor Anne-Marie Horgan’s pilates, physical therapy & movement analysis training to date:

  • She has trained to advanced instructor level with not one but two renowned Pilates companies:
  1. STOTT Pilates: Advanced (2004 – present), special populations, reformer, equipment and regular on-going training with STOTT Pilates in London, and in Ireland.
  2. Progressive Pilates school (Bodyfirm), Dublin: Pilates training, to advanced instructor level, 2001-2006
  3. Member of Pilates Union UK

…and of course full time Pilates instruction experience since 2001!

  • She has trained to instructor level two renowned yoga schools:
  1. Sivananda Yoga – Himalayas, India, (2009 – present, & six months extended Sivanada and meditation practice in the Himalayas, &  in France, 2008, & Sivananda, Bahamas, 2004)
  2. Yoga Therapy & Training Centre (YTTC), Co. Down: Instructors course (2005)


  • ITEC Anatomy & Physiology studies
  • National Certificate in Exercise & Fitness (NCEF) through the University of Limerick.  Health & Fitness instruction, (2000 – present).  Member of Fitness Professionals Ireland.
  • Personal fitness training, ACE (2003-2009)
  • Sports and holistic massage diploma, ITEC UK (2003)
  • Member of the European Health & Fitness Association

…plus ongoing annual training and updating with STOTT Pilates UK.